“Fit it” is an experiment in web design and ecommerce. Fit-it.com was designed as a promotional website for activity monitors. The objective for this website was to create a lively, exhilarating user experience while delivering factual data in a clean and understandable way.

The Landing Page

The website contains a landing page which displays all of the activity bands featured on the site. A hover for each band allows the user to choose a band to view. This link directs the viewer to a detailed description of each activity monitor. The landing page also contains links to the app and tech spec pages as well.

The App Page

Each activity band comes with a mobile companion app. It was important to develop a page to highlight each app interface, in a quick, understandable way. The app page cycles through screenshots of each app interface as seen on a mobile screen.

The Band Page

The band page displays illustrated images of each activity band along with informational blurbs about each band. The page also gives information about band pricing and best features.

The Tech Specs Page

Fit-it.com was developed to be both informational and promotional. Activity bands are naturally complex in terms of sports wear. The tech specs page was developed as an infographic guide to all the bands chosen for the promotional website. The tech specs page breaks down complicated data into easy digestible images and charts, for maximum user comprehension.